Embers Arise

Embers Arise is a metal band from Sweden who began to play together in the fall of 2004. Everyone in EA were in other bands before but due to the lack of members they decided to join forces. They recorded 4 demos under that time, and played live quite alot, and also having the opportunity to be an opening act to the Swedish metalbands Darkane and Dismember, and playing a festival with bands such as Evergrey and Dia Psalma. EA also won the competition Demo of the year in their hometown Eskilstuna, wich gave them more gigs and also as headline on two big local festivals, making them a growing local fan base. In Dec 07 the lineup changed with a new drummer and with one vocalist short. EA released their fifth demo, mid-May 2008, called Once the silence is broken, fear does not exist, and played a bunch of gigs. Mid-Dec 2008, the lineup changed once again, with one drummer short, due to different goals regarding songwriting/musicianship etc. EA are currently trying out new drummers, and are more hungry than ever to play live as much as they can under 2009

Homepage: www.myspace.com/embersarise

Genre: Metal

Band members:

  • Fredrik Lundström
  • Magnus Andersson
  • Nicklas Börstell
  • Mikael Angreus
  • Patrick Taunu

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