Hion Martell

The Swedish independent band Hion Martell & His Undercover Cops is a band that refuses to give up their musical integrity. During the history of the band Hion Martell, they have been testing many various styles, bordering at country, soul, blues and heavy rock, all the time making music in a style of their own. Here are some quotes: "It's not progressive, it's not complex, and it's not testing any musical boundaries, but damn, it's fun! Hion Martell's label describes them as "Bluesy meat & potato rock & roll with a country touch". An excellent description." (http://www.seaoftranquility.org/ ) "This stuff makes me wanna get really drunk and howl at the moon (...)" (http://www.hardrockinfo.com/ ) "(...) HION MARTELL have succeeded in charming me with their charming songs in which you easily will caught yourself in singing along in the chorus." (http://www.metal-only.com ) Listen in - you won't be disappointed!

Homepage: http://www.scarilla.net/hionmartell

Genre: Rock

Band members:

  • Ch Nilsson
  • Ulf R Hagberg
  • Babbaen
  • Hawkan NIlsson
  • Peter Subäck

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