Lucy Seven

LUCY SEVEN consists of 4 guys from Bollnäs, Sweden. Now the pieces of the puzzle falls into place and the music world is facing the phenomenon we call LUCY SEVEN! After recording the first song "Syllables (Big Words)" which also is available on Bandit Rock VOL4 they continued to roll like a tornado through New Orleans and there is nothing to stop them now! 5 songs is available on the EP: n "When All Else Fails" and they are all masterpieces! The plans for a fullength is on the way, and songs are written while many miles is put behind them on the road. This is a band that's work hard and now there are 2 new songs in their live performence! Remember where you read it first ..... LUCY SEVEN is here to stay!


Genre: Electronic, Hard Rock, Rock

Band members:

  • Ruby - Vocals
  • Fox - Bass
  • Richie - Guitar
  • Jonas - Drums

Fans: 1 pcs


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